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Published on 3/17/2023 by Jim Bisenius, Co-founder & CEO

We've raised $29.5K from LAUNCH + More

Howdy everyone,

I am excited to share that threesixfive (365.) was recently accepted into Founder University's Fourth Cohort (December 2022). During the program, I had the opportunity to learn from other founders and receive valuable feedback from Jason's LAUNCH fund, which led to us accepting a $25k investment from their fund, followed by $4.5k in angel checks from advisors Bill Bisenius and Navid Kabir.

You can watch a four minute summary of our final pitch on March 13th, 2023, below:

With this funding, we plan to expand our network of nutritionists, counselors, and dieticians, publish our Testflight app to both app stores, add better integrations for even more of your favorite smart watches/rings, and create videos about weight loss and on-the-go nutrition to build awareness about threesixfive (365.).

Thank you for your support ❤️

Best regards, Jim Bisenius Founder & CEO, threesixfive (365.)

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